NOW shifts focus to Charlottesville, stays grounded courtesy of Cape Cod and lucky shoes. 

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letter from the editor

In the time between the publication of the second issue of NOW and 2017’s third issue, things have changed a bit. It sounds obvious, and maybe that’s because it is - but what has been a focus here at NOW is remembering to change with time just as much as time changes things. We have grown, I have grown, our mission has grown.

As NOW has accumulated more community interest, we have expanded our team - welcome NOWbies! It has been so transformative to gain the perspective of such a creative and diverse team of writers, editors, photographers, models, and artists. We have a new website in the works and a growing presence on social media as well - be sure to stay tuned!

As an intention for 2017, myself and the rest of the team at NOW is dedicated to growing in different ways this year. Growing our goals, career networks, ability to be empowered and to rise above the negativity that has the tendency to consume the rhetoric of everyday conversation. And so, NOW 2017 will reflect this very same intention.

This fall, we learned about the processes involved in dying silks and wools with freshly cut flowers and plants. We decorated models before the most unique murals that Charlottesville has to offer. Feminine strength is celebrated through a discussion and visual investigation of the concept of athleisure. Empowerment is found when we rise above the realities that women still face in the workplace to become the strongest of girl bosses.

We learn, we grow, we wear, repeat. I can only hope that the work that we have done at NOW in the past year can inspire you to walk out into the world wearing whatever it is that is uniquely you and be the best you there is.

Happy reading & stay stylish, 


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