Editor's Letter: 2015

photo by Maddie Morris

photo by Maddie Morris

It is a rare occasion that a unique idea comes to you, one that is worth holding on to, worth cultivating and acting upon. For me, this rarity came in the form of a fashion magazine designed specifically for the local Nauset community. It was early in my senior year, as I was sitting in an elective during my first week of classes that I thought, If only I could be in fashion journalism instead… Absent mindedly sketching designs onto the class syllabus in front of me, I realized that it was possible for me to be exactly where I wanted to be. Collecting my things, I excused myself from class and asked to visit my guidance counselor. After designing my own syllabus for the class and working over the details with my teacher, I had created my ideal environment.

After years spent in the Advanced Fashion Design (AFD) program at Nauset, I had cultivated a sincere and growing interest in the fashion industry. This fascination paired with my intended journalism major in college led me to the conclusion that I would excell in an environment where these two interests could unite. In this ideal environment, I wanted to use my strengths to capture the independent spirit of my community.

In the premier issue of NOW magazine, those who contribute to the contagious buzz of the Cape’s energy are celebrated. Forerunners of the healthy mind, healthy body, healthy world movement that is beginning to take root in communities worldwide are some of our very own. In local boutiques, the popularity of eco-fashion is a growing trend as buyers and sellers are beginning to realize the impact that their consumerism has on global health. Broadening the quest to support a more healthy world, young talents of Nauset speak up about the impact that media has on the body images of the upcoming generation, doing their part to make a difference on both sides of the camera.

Embark on this journey with me and flip through the pages of the first ever edition of NOW  Celebrate the gems of the Cape showcased here that contribute to the culture that is happening here and NOW.

Stay Stylish,