truly: Zelma

21 year old Anthropology student Zelma Feldman Lewerissa gives us a look into her home and mind as we explore what makes her style so unique. 

shot by Frederik Valdemar Kjeldgaard

directed by Sophie Bergquist


In three words, your personal style is... 

Maximalist, ironic and daring.


What is your definition of fashion? 

I’m studying anthropology so set definitions are always a complicated matter. However, my definition would be something like a culturally conditioned playground for performative bodily and political expression. A reaction to - and interaction with - materials, heritage and subcultures.


From there, how do you define style? 

A fusion of environments one has passed through. A dynamic material language. A privilege to be able to reflect upon and have agency around.


How do you see your style in relationship to Danish or Scandinavian style? 

My style is not very typical. Minimalism and classics have never spoken to me. Given my mixed background, I would say that I grew up in a fusion of a cultural environment that definitely has played a role in producing my taste and desires when it comes to the development of my style.  However, colorful, chaotic and trashy aesthetics have been sneaking into the Scandinavian fashion scene in recent years, which is something I feel I can relate to.


What is your style most influenced by? 

I saw an exhibition featuring the Turkish artist Gülsun about a year and a half ago. Her contrasting universe of tapestries, plastic and traditional Turkish fabric really captured the kind of vivid aesthetic and use of materials I adore. I would say that her work has influenced my style since then. 

My style has been marked by all my travels and the places I have lived in. I went to school in India and traveled a lot within the country. I did fieldwork in Atlanta strip clubs and fell in love with some of the dancers’ sophisticated and revealing costumes that were characterized by fishnets, stones, bold colors, swimsuit fabrics and plastic shoes. I enjoy experimenting with ‘hyperfeminity’ and I don’t mind showing off some flesh. I see my booty as a part of my outfit, ok?

I still travel quite often with my job and to visit friends or family. I simply love to look for odd and quirky things in random markets and in small hoarder shops. 

Otherwise, I have always loved cartoon characters, their dreamy outfits and reckless attitudes. I also enjoy exploring Instagram accounts like Clear_bones and Uglyworldwide, when I want some easily accessed inspo.  


Favorite thing in your closet? 


I’m kind of a compulsive hoarder, so I buy new things a little too often. I mainly shop in thrift stores, which allows me to buy a ton of stuff while not feeling like I’m ruining the environment. That means my favorites change quite often. However, at the moment it is a red vintage 70’s dress. Flowery with a bit of a flamingo vibe. I’m also obsessed with kitsch jewelry. I love my two plastic fruit necklaces that I bought from a little stall at a market in Yaffo, Tel Aviv. 


What are you wearing when you feel most confident? 

I love to dress up like I’m going to a party everyday… extra extra. It is hard to say what makes me feel the most confident, because confidence is a mindset. But maybe that is just in theory. I actually do like to dress up when I’m feeling bad or when I for some reason feel under stimulated. I rarely feel like I get dressed, I like to think that I dress up everyday. I’m constantly overdressed, whatever that means. 

At the moment I really like wearing flowery dresses that are light and flowy but still a little tight here and there showing off some figure. A pair of sparkly earrings that captures the sunlight puts me in a mood and some chunky sneakers that allow me to walk fast and dance on my way makes me feel like I’m ready to sway with the day.