College Fashionista

StyleGuru Maddy Rabil, a First Year at the University of Virginia gives us the skim on what it is like to be an intern for college fashion based site CollegeFashionista

interview by Sophie Bergquist

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What is College Fashionista?

CF is a blog site run by students, for students, whose aim is to capture campus style at over 500 schools across the country. Fashion fiends can scroll through photos of the most fashionable students, called Fashionistas, on campus to see what is trending. Accompanying articles give tips on how to pull off the fashionista’s look or adjust it for a certain occasion. The site focuses on the latest trends in style and beauty, but it tailors them to the college age group by giving ways looks can be adjusted for the on the go and ever changing college wardrobe. Readers can interact by “Radding” the articles they enjoy, a Rad is equivalent to a “like.” 

How’d I get involved?

I am always online looking for new style inspiration and in doing so I come across new fashion sites frequently. My senior year of high school I found College Fashionista and knew I was interested in becoming a CollegeFashionista “Style Guru” in college. I applied during my first semester at UVa and started working that December. My school lacks a fashion department, so I’m very grateful to have this creative outlet. 

What do I do?

On the first of each month I am required to submit an article on one of several topics which vary from “Style Advice of the Week” to “Fashion from Abroad.” Before I can start writing or even know what I am going to write about, I must find my subject. I bring my camera with me when going to classes and running errands, and when I find somebody who’s killing the style game, I explain what College Fashionista is and ask to photograph them. After interviewing them and getting down the brands of their pieces I go to work on writing and then publishing my article for review by the editors. In a few weeks it goes live, and then it’s my job to promote it on social media. 

The Internship

College Fashionista is hard work, but it has allowed me to hone valuable skills for my hopeful future in the fashion industry. I’ve learned how to communicate with my bosses professionally, approach strangers on the street without being awkward, and take better photographs. This internship has also helped me to build, promote, and perfect my identity as a personal brand. Internships don’t just look pretty on a resume -  they allow one to grow and mature in immense ways, ways that can’t be found in the classroom, which is what CollegeFashionista has been to me.