editor in chief

A Media Studies student pursuing a career in fashion journalism, Sophie founded NOW as a way to explore a potential career path. Almost four years later, she continues to create content and organize the production of annual issues of the publication. Outside of her work for NOW, Sophie enjoys annoying those around her by how many pictures she takes & avoiding hangriness.


creative director, photographer

With roots in a mix between art and documentary photography, Frederik sees photos as strong tool of communication. Combined with his ability to make very strong visual imagery, this makes him a powerful and easy-to-understand photographer. Frederik is still very new to fashion photography, but he has already implicated himself deep within the Copenhagen Fashion Week network, working with the hosts themselves. Frederik draws inspiration from old legends like Richard Avedon, William Eggleston and many more.


contributing writer

Shane received her B.F.A in Acting from New York University. She realized she enjoyed the rehearsal process more than performing. This took her to the University of London where she pursued post-graduate work in theatre including her Doctoral candidacy.

She is currently working as a Co-Creator and Actress with various productions based in New York. Shane’s writing and work in theater, among many things, explore her relationship to feminism.


set assistant

A rising senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Matt studies Political Science and Entrepreneurship. Fashion and photography have recently become a part of his life, which he enjoys as mediums of expression and individualism. As Matt sees it, fashion exists as a bridge between all art forms... individuals represent themselves, their personalities, and their view of the world most prominently withwhat they wear. While his academic and professional pursuits have not included much within this realm, it was Matt’s pleasure to contribute to this issue of NOW.


shoot director, stylist

Isabel is a senior fine arts major at Syracuse University. Her work explores several media including ceramics, printmaking, metal-smithing and photography. She is greatly inspired by textiles and fashion where her passions for color, pattern, form and function overlap. After collaborating with NOW, she went on to complete a fashion photography internship in Florence, Italy for a boutique, Mrs. Macis. The workshop and showroom spoke to her love of vintage fashion and salvaged objects- pulling inspiration and up-cycling textiles from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Isabel hopes to curate a gallery of her own one day- filled with her hand made and hand picked treasures.


graphics, disco ball enthusiast

Brian is an architecture student at Hobart College. Through his studio courses, he has experimented with furniture-making, urban design, modeling, and fashion. Brian grew up in the suburbs of Connecticut where he enjoyed hobbies such as drawing and the sport of rowing. He was recruited to college for rowing, where he quickly got involved in extracurricular activities incorporating his passion for environmental studies and entrepreneurship. In his third year of school, Brian had the chance to study abroad in Copenhagen. During his stay in Denmark, he experienced the rich culture of urban fashion. Although his future remains unknown, he will surely incorporate his design experience.